ODEN Disability Awareness & Confidence Training

Disability Confidence means empowering everyone with the knowledge required to be responsive to the broader abilities, competencies, and needs of people who have a disability in our workplaces. Understanding how to discuss topics involving disabilities, and how to address people who have a disability, is an important part of promoting awareness, equality, and creating a sustainable disability-inclusive workforce. Disability inclusion is a competitive edge for the future of work.

ODEN’s Disability Awareness & Confidence Training (DACT) courses have been developed to address skill gaps in employers at all stages of the employment cycle so that more people who have a disability can enter the work force and retain employment. Click the tabs below to read a description of each learning module.

Pricing Information

The ODEN Disability Awareness and Confidence Training courses are offered with tiered pricing for those wishing to purchase multiple licenses.

Please consult the table below for pricing details. Under the “How To Register” tab, you can fill out what course you would like to access and how many licenses you would like to activate. If you have any questions, please connect with us at learn@odenetwork.com.

Tier Level Price per Unit Number of Licenses
1 $44.25 ea. Up to 25
2 $40.00 ea. 26-50
3 $36.00 ea. 51-100
4 $32.50 ea. 101-150
5 $29.25 ea. 150-200
6 Please inquire. 201+

How To Register

Please complete the registration form below. You will be contacted within 2-business days for payment and instructions on accessing the course you have selected.

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