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Disability Awareness & Confidence Training-ESPs

Under “Course Content” you will find two parts to this course: the learning module and the user evaluation.

You can start the learning module by click the box labeled “Learning Module -Disability Awareness & Confidence Training for ESPs” . This will take you to the learning module page. In the learning module page you will find two buttons. A “START” button and a “Mark Complete” button. Click the “START”  button to open the module.

Inside the learning module, you can use these functions to better interact and access the learning content:

  1. Click “<” to go back to the previous slide. Click “>” to advance to the next slide.
  2. Throughout the learning module, please follow the instructions provided to complete the activities.
  3. You can click the “volume” icon to listen to the narration.
  4. You can access the “transcript” on the menu on the left-hand side to read the content.

Once you have completed the module click the “Mark Complete” button so that you can advance to the “User Evaluation”.

To receive a Certificate of Completion you need to complete the user evaluation. Fill in the user evaluation form and click the “Submit” button to ensure your answers are recorded. The progress bar may show that you have not completed the steps in the course -please ignore -this is a glitch we are currently fix.
To complete the course and download the certificate you will need to log out and then log back in. Your certificate is in the My User Account page.